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Tungsten Putty Pinewood Derby Weights & Fishing Lure Weight Sinker 1 oz

by jinX
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  • BEST OPTION: Hands downs Tungsten is the best choice for your pine car. We have made sure to bring you the best putty at an affordable price. Our putty meets all ASTM D 4236 standards and is sure to give you the most bang for your buck. Our putty is reusable and comes in an airtight tin for safe keeping.
  • VERSATILE & FLEXIBLE: Since Tungsten Putty is malleable you can add it anywhere to your car and to an exact weight. Whether you want to drill and fill holes or add a dab to get to that perfect 5 ounce mark. Our putty can be warmed up to increase its flexible and tackiness or chilled to make it firmer and less sticky. Simply pinch off exactly what you need and place anywhere to fine tune your car. Now you can optimize speed, perfect balance and allow flexibility for positioning.
  • EASY TO USE: Anyone can use this completely non-toxic and environmentally friendly metal weight. Besides being safe the putty if very easy to work and can be used by kids and adult alike.

Product description

Why You Need Derby Putty Tungsten Putty Pinewood Derby Weights

What is Tungsten?

The word "tungsten" means "a substance of high density", and is derived from "tung", meaning "heavy," and "sten", meaning "stone." Tungsten is the world's 4th heaviest metal. It weighs up to 1.8x as much as lead and over 3x the weight of the Zinc/Pewter weights. This is the perfect weight for Pinewood Derby Cars. Only gold, platinum, and a few other rare and expensive metals can compare. Making tungsten the best for maximizing your weight without breaking the bank. Tungsten also takes up less space in your car. Less space, means more weight concentration in the center of gravity area, faster building time and more speed on the track.

Tungsten is completely non-toxic and environmentally friendly so has gained in popularity due to issue associated with lead. For example, because lead has been banned in many streams, tungsten is often substituted for lead weight on fishing flies.

For similar reasons tungsten is the ideal product for weighting pinewood derby cars. Tungsten is 3.2 times more density than zinc ("Lead Free") weighting material, thus it enables tremendous flexibility in the design of the car. Weights for Pinewood Derby cars are critical for both stability and speed. Tungsten weights are the preferred type because this material is heavy and small pieces can be strategically placed to regulate the center of gravity.

Why Derby Putty?

Derby Putty allows you gain the advantages of tungsten but also allows you the flexibility because it is in putty form. Making it malleable, formable and flexible to pinch off the exact size you need to gain the perfect weight and balance. It is super easy to use and safe for all ages. It really is a must have for any people that wants to compete in their derby race.


1PCS Fishing Lure 5-Arm Alabama Rig Umbrella Rig Hard Bait Fresh Water Shallow Water Bass Walleye Crappie Minnow Fishing Tackle(random color)

by Fish fish factory
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  • High sensitivity, easy to fish.
  • Material is solid, not easy to rust.
  • Hook pointed sharp, but also bent.

Product description

Fishing Method:Bait Casting,Trolling & Boat Fishing,General Fishing,Lure Fishing,Other,Jigging Fishing,
Listing Date:06/29/2017,
Lure Type:Shad,Worms,Jig Head,Lure Packs,Soft Bait,Grub,
Lure Action:Floating,
Lure We

RoboCup - Portable Drink Caddy 120914

RoboCup - Portable Drink Caddy 120914

by Robocup (Miscellaneous)

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Early-season deer harvest increases from last year 11/22/15, via The Star Democrat

The main channels in the bay are a popular place to troll umbrella rigs to pick away at fish, and when a concentration can be found the action can be pretty exciting. Largemouth bass fishing was a good choice last week as the bass are busy feeding and

The Guardian

Morgen und Abend; Biedermann and the Arsonists review – the afterlife and ... 11/22/15, via The Guardian

Bed, door leading nowhere, shopping trolley, chair, umbrella and fishing boat all give an impression of cold petrification. Each object occupies its own space on a revolve so slow-moving you do not notice until suddenly things are not where they were

jon boat seat rod holder/umbrella holder

What you're looking here is Pauly's fishing Rod Holder also great for an umbrella when fishing from boat. Paul ProShopsBasspro seat and Bass Pro rod holder.




Published by Univ. of Tennessee Press 2015

ISBN 1572331534,9781572331532
180 pages

Two years after Sam Venable became the outdoor editor for the Knoxville News-Sentinel, he began receiving photographs of fish marked with only a phone number and the mysterious words "top-water Hubbard." Curious, Venable called the number and reached Ray Hubbard, a lay preacher, sewing machine repairman, and top-notch bass fisherman. Thus began an extraordinary twenty-seven-year friendship between two men who had little in common but a serious love of fishing and the outdoors. Venable wrote a story about Hubbard for the newspaper and began joining him for more fishing trips. Armed with unusual homemade lures and a friendly smile, Hubbard taught Venable the art of buzzbaiting, the joys of fishing pungent "slop holes," and the secrets of a bass-catching technique Hubbard called...

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“The world is big and I want to have a look at it before it goes dark,” wrote the naturalist and father of our national parks, John Muir. Indeed, sir, which is why as often as possible my wife and I join The Wayfarers for one of their expertly (since 1984) guided six-day walking vacations, the best way we’ve found to “look at it before it goes dark. ” This time, from 46 walks in 17 countries, we picked one of their most popular: the stunningly beautiful Amalfi coast on the Bay of Naples. The adventure begins in Sorrento on an early Sunday evening: get-acquainted drinks and meeting our seven walking colleagues, our guide, Alessandro Tombelli, and walk manager Clair Rogers, both so affable we felt we’d known each other since the... 1820) atop a cliff overlooking the Bay of Naples with Mount Vesuvius, the beauty as inarguable as a geometrical theorem. We begin not with a walk but short ferry ride to the isle of Capri, its great cliffs looming over a calm dark sea, here and there sparkling with glints of light. Under these cliffs, 20 centuries ago, Roman soldiers landed the old Emperor Tiberius to the island. From the Marina Grande, Alessandro leads us on a brick path between dry walls and villas and lemon trees up to the city of Capri, already packed with daytrippers. But ten minutes out of town, we’re left alone gradually making our way under umbrella pines northeast to the Villa Jovis, the remains of Tiberius’s large (23,000 square feet) complex. After a serendipitous detour to the remarkable Villa Lysis, home in the early 20th century to the French poet, Count Jacques Ferson, an unforgettable lunch at Le Grottelle, the kitchen and bar literally built into two large grottos. We sat at tables outside overlooking Capri’s east coast, the sea a deep blue turning to cyan, a greenish blue, as waiters brought the house specialty, ravioli caprese and their famous lemon cake. Then an hour and twenty-minute walk around the island’s southeast corner, looking down on the red modernist Villa Malaparte and the three up thrusting Faraglione rocks before a return ferry ride to our Sorrento hotel and dinner in town at L’... 1930) for eggplant parmigiana and a wonderful red wine, Aglianico, made from the eponymous black grape, leaving what wine snobs call “palatal memory. ” Distance walked: 11 miles. On a foggy, windy day, the mountains looking like masses of vapor on the point of dissolving, from Sorrento we walk south up and over the Sorrentine peninsula past cornucopias of fruit with the sun still in them: great glossy globs of grapes... A seaside lunch at Ristorante Le Sirene in the charming tiny village of Marina del Cantone, 16 kilometers from our hotel where, instantly, Italian tapas arrived: bruschetta, potato croquettes, caciotta cheese, local ham, then two pastas... Rough seas cancelled our scheduled boat trip so an hour van ride on the famous 25-mile serpentine Amalfi Drive to our Positano hotel. Distance walked: 10 miles. An impossibly vertical town, the maze of alleys, houses, and steps built into the hills. The white-washed buildings were light teeth in the jaws of mountains, the walls reverberating with the sounds of mopeds and, again, streets crowded with shoppers bringing to mind the word ‘schwarmerei,’ an enthusiastic swarm. Two vans take us high above Positano, to walk all morning through woods of beeches and chestnuts, past women gathering firewood for winter ovens. Alessandro stops and picks up bits of volcanic rock from the Vesuvius eruption’s ash fallout in 79 AD. We catch glimpses of Positano far below and boats gliding away from the marina like sea gulls taking flight from nests. Lunch at Ristorante La Terra in the village of Monte Pertuso looking out at the Galli Islands, the site of Odysseus’s resisting the Siren’s song in Homer’s “Odyssey”. On the most prominent, Isola Lunga, the house (and island) once owned by Rudolf Nureyev. The Galli are a reminder that every field and path we walked probably had names, so old that everything imaginable had been done or tried, that wildness had been tamed long ago into what had already been. Back in Positano, time for a late afternoon swim before a musical dinner at Ristorante Mediterraneo where popular singer, Pietro Rainone, serenaded us with yet another ‘That’s Amore’ as we banged along on tambourines handed out by waiters. Distance walked: 15,000 steps.

Source: Everett Potter's Travel Report
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Sportfish Products SFP-ER6 6 Arm Eel Umbrella Rig Flo Green


Our Eel Umbrella Rigs feature 7 durable 6 inch eels that are fully rigged and ready to troll. These eels will bring large bass into the boat and are virtually bluefish proof! We fish these rigs for the spring and fall bite. The big Bass cannot resist this combo. This eel rig is our favorite bass trolling rig. Give it a try. you wont be disappointed.


Tackle Direct
Sportfish Products SFP-ER6 6 Arm Eel Umbrella Rig Natural


Our Eel Umbrella Rigs feature 7 durable 6 inch eels that are fully rigged and ready to troll. These eels will bring large bass into the boat and are virtually bluefish proof! We fish these rigs for the spring and fall bite. The big Bass cannot resist this combo. This eel rig is our favorite bass trolling rig. Give it a try. you wont be disappointed.



standard - ramcolifestyles_pillowcase
Monogram and violet pansies flowers on pink pillow case

ramcolifestyles_pillowcase by Thunes

An elegant border of violet, lavender colored, purple and white watercolored pansies on a gradient backdrop of pink and peach color. Templates for a monogram letter and a name, white and purple colored letters.


36x36 - aif_triptych
Randazzo Three Panel Art

aif_triptych by BuddaKatsStore

Randazzo Three Panel Art


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Nashville Then: August 1964 - 08/02/15, via The Tennessean

Nashville Then: August 1964 Federal and state officials found famed country music singer Jim Reeves and a companion in the charred wreckage of their small plane in a wooded area 400 yards east of Franklin Road near Brentwood on Aug. 2, 1964. Reeves ...

Lanier stripers head for the dam - 06/19/15, via Athens Banner-Herald

June is a transition month for striped bass as they move from their late-spring shallow ... To change the depth, we simply increase or decrease our boat speed. If you are new to umbrella rig trolling, we suggest you purchase a pre-configured Capt.

Bass Pro acquiring three major bass boat manufacturers - 02/16/15, via Greenville Online

On Dec. 11, Bass Pro Group, the owner of Bass Pro Shops, announced it had signed a deal to acquire Fishing Holdings LLC, the manufacturer of Ranger, Triton and Stratos fishing boat brands. The move will merge some of the largest brands in the fishing world ...


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