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Benzara 38728 Wooden Sailing Boat with Assorted Carved Edges - Set of 2

by Benzara

When tranquility is music to your ears and the ocean is an epithet for freedom, then this Assorted Wooden Sailing Boat - Set of 2 is sure to make you nostalgic. Made in China, this boat set is designed with articulate edges which resemble a realistic yacht. The imitation of the boats is perfected and includes smooth wooden textures which make them appear like miniature sailing wonders. Fitted with a sail that is made with white linen fabric, fused with colors of the sea, making it more attractive. A square extensive supports the base, ensuring the boat has maximum sturdiness. The plainness of the entire set is a subtle representation of life at sea along with its related components. Charming in every way possible, this set is sure to bring casual style to your interiors. It is available in 2 size variants - 20" H x 13" W x 2" D, 20" H x 13" W x 2" D.
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