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CE Smith Trailer Post Guide-On with Unlighted Posts, 40"- Replacement Parts and Accessories for Your Ski Boat, Fishing Boat or Sailboat Trailer

by CE Smith Company
List price: $79.99 Price: $61.12 Buy Now

  • Adjusts out to 13" each Side
  • Mounting Hardware included; Sold in Pairs
  •  2" schedule 40 white PVC posts (2-3/8" actual OD)

Product description

CE Smith Trailer, 27620, 40" Post Guide-On with Unlighted Posts. These Post Guide-Ons allow you to see the location of your trailer when it's under water. The 2" PVC tubes make it easy to see your trailer's position when backing down the ramp. For larger trailer frames check out our Large Frame U-Bolt Kit (11416). Fits trailer frames up to 3" wide x 5-1/4" tall. Note: Check with your state Department of Transportation for restrictions regarding maximum trailer width. Pre-galvanized steel parts are stamped from a sheet of steel after it has already been galvanized. The edges of pre-galvanized parts often lose their zinc coating during the stamping process. Because of the thinness of the coating (less than 1 mm) and the fact that the edges remain exposed, pre-galvanized parts can begin to oxidize and rust quickly, so it's recommended that they be primed and painted.

Product description

The Epic Story of World Record Holder David Clark... The Oldest Solo Sailor to Circumnavigate the Globe

Ford Ranger Air Mattresses - Truck Bedz Air Mattress

Ford Ranger Air Mattresses - Truck Bedz Air Mattress

by Truck-bedz (Other Automotive Accessories)

Price: $189.95 (1 stores)

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Victorinox Ranger-Grip Boats-Man with Nylon Pouch

Victorinox Ranger-Grip Boats-Man with Nylon Pouch

by Victorinox Knives & Tools

Price: $149.00 (1 stores)

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Ranger Boat Tackle Organization Help Needed... 11/20/15, via (press release)

I recently purchased a 2002 Ranger 520VX which has a ton of storage compared to my formerly owned '86 17.5' ProCraft Fish n Ski. I used to just take the seats out of the Procraft to add some more floor space for rods/tackle/cooler for weekend 

Maintenance Reminder 11/17/15, via (press release)

Just a little reminder to keep your boat maintained. Had been having gas problems with my boat. Seemed to not be getting enough gas wouldn't plane out or anything. So I change the fuel pump and all the gas lines take it out same thing, still not

Ranger Tugs R-31 Introduction - 2012 Seattle Boat Show

Jeff Messmer, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Ranger Tugs and Cutwater Boats, introduces the new Ranger R-31 at the 2012 Seattle Boat Show.


The Canadian forum

The Canadian forum



Includes critical reviews.

The Continental Divide Route, Part 2 by Jeff Rome

I had a window seat on The International , a boat that crosses the Canadian-U. border eight times a day during the summer months, and looked out into the grey of the water and the grey of the air. It was 10:30 but still felt dawn, though I’d already been up for five hours. I began to suspect that border control knew exactly what I was about to do, but I went through with the actions anyway, ready to be honest about my dishonesty when caught. The boat only stayed ashore for 25 minutes, and I imagined my best chance of eluding capture (I felt like a fugitive. ) was to be beyond the customs station by the time the boat left. For about 15 minutes I hurriedly hopped over logs, pushed branches out of the way, orienteered through the smoke and the brush, and came upon a trail heading up to the Goat Haunt overlook. I took the trail down to the Waterton Valley junction, ready to dive off into the bushes and hide, figuring the junctions are the most likely place to be caught. Then, for the next hour, my concern was the patrol cabin just pass the Stoney Indian Pass Junction. Fastpacking was really fast for that hour, running some ten or eleven minute miles over flat ground, hoping that by getting there faster whoever was at the patrol cabin would be less likely to expect me. I passed a group of day hikers who had... Might a casual day hiker suddenly break out the handcuffs and a taser on me. Running seemed to be the only thing to alleviate the discomfort of having just done something illegal, and every switchback found me looking down at the switchback below,... The two agents at customs were both stocky and carrying a lot of gear, but I imagined backcountry rangers to be in cahoots with border control, and likely more fit. The pressure stayed on until I left trail, just west of Fifty Mountain Camp, still paranoid but okay with getting arrested, eventually, as long as I could finish the route. The cross country section from Fifty Mountain Camp to the east end of Trapper Peak is the most nondescript section of the route, and has the lowest point on the divide (5700’) since the start at Marias Pass. After gaining the summit of West Flattop Mountain it really is flat at the top, in all directions. With the smoke still thick, I was losing visibility of the mountains behind me and hadn’t yet seen the mountains ahead, so strolled on through the smoke taking compass readings. For a short while, my world was nothing but grey air, grey burned trees and golden brown grass. I hit Brown Pass at 2:00 and, after summiting the wrong mountain, made my way over to Mt. Custer and wrapped around the south end of it on another goat trail to find the final few miles of ridgeline into Canada. The day was getting late, especially after having thrown in an extra summit, and my only concern was making it to somewhere with water for the night, which didn’t seem to be anywhere without a large cliff in the way. I summited Forum Peak shortly after 8, and followed the ridgeline down into the trees, where a border clearing paved the way for a steep and brushy trail (Forum Peak’s northern ridgeline lies on the Alberta-British Columbia border). At a low point on the ridgeline, I started following a faint trail which I presumed to be the Akamina Pass trail, but I was wrong. After a mile of bushwacking, I found myself, in the dark, ashore at Cameron Lake. I sat on the dock and filled up on water (no manmade water sources about), but had to pick my spot carefully to avoid small fish falling into the suction of water filling. I felt lazy enough that curling up in a row boat seemed tempting, but instead slept out in the open just yards away from a trail. The stars were visible, and I could hear all the sounds that don’t make it up into the alpine—owls hooting, crickets, the gentle lap of waves falling apart on sand, frogs voicing their strange existence—and felt at peace. The next morning I started walking, again, down Cameron Lake Road. It felt odd to continue hiking after I’d completed the CDR, and it took an hour and a half, with the sparse outbound traffic during the 7-9 AM hours, until a park ranger stopped for me. Maybe it was just this ranger, or maybe it’s Canada, but he...

Source: Montana Trail Crew
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1983-1989 Ford Ranger Steering Stabilizer Skyjacker Ford Steering Stabilizer 9150


Skyjacker Steering Stabilizer - 1983-1989 Ford Ranger 1983 - 1989 Ford Ranger Skyjacker Steering Stabilizer S979150



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FLIPPIN, ARK. (February 19, 2015) - In recognition and appreciation of the thousands of service men and women across the country, Ranger Boats is offering engine horsepower rebates and other exclusive items to current and former military personnel through ...

Ranger Boats Showcases Saltwater Product at Miami International Boat Show - 02/10/15, via Outdoors FIRST

Boat show season is the time of the year when boat buyers often find the best deals on the newest boats. For legendary manufacturer Ranger Boats, 2015 is no exception. With that in mind, Ranger brings its acclaimed line of performance fishing boats and ...

Legend Or Ranger Bass Boat - 10/18/13, via The Ultimate Bass Fishing Resource Guide

Not sure i really see the question here? Ranger. Sounds like you are looking into a new boat. Regardless if used or new there are a TON of reasons to get a Ranger other then rangers being very dry, solid built and riding boats. After visiting the factory ...


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  3. Ranger Boats - I Love My Ranger NOTE: Please do not post questions to this forum. If you have a question, ... Ranger is by far the best boat I have ever ran!--Jonathan C. My 1st Ranger.
Kimberley Ranger Forum 2010
Kimberley Ranger Forum 2010
Crossing the Pentecost River
Photo by KimberleyLandCouncil on Flickr
Ranger Bass Boat Forum
Ranger Bass Boat Forum
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Ranger Bass Boat For Sale - Georgia Outdoor News Forum
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