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Sport Fishing magazine is written for the passionate angler who wants in-depth, cutting-edge information on the latest techniques, the hottest locations and the newest equipment to optimize a day on the water. It is an invaluable source of saltwater fishing information that informs and inspires its readers by delivering in-depth coverage of all topics of interest to active saltwater anglers. The magazine empowers its readers to safeguard the future of their sport via news and analysis on vital fishery-conservation and management issues. It broadens readers' perspective on the sport through explorations into the science of both fish and fishing. Subscribe today and discover in each issue:
  • Boat, equipment and electronic reviews
  • Cutting-edge information on rigging techniques, tactics and tackle
  • Columns by well-known experts keep you up-to-date on species, fishing vacations and more
  • Exciting travel stories take you fishing for stripers, tuna, dorado, wahoo, combia, bluefish, billfish and more!

Sport Fishing is published 9 times annually with monthly issues January to June and bimonthly issues July to December.

Trailerable Fishing Boats

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Trailerable Fishing Boats is a quick reference guide to the best-selling center consoles, walkarounds, bay boats, and dual consoles, 20–30 feet in length, produced in the past 25 years. Separate the good stuff from the mediocre. Compare resale values, layouts, and standard equipment. Note important model updates. Get real about speeds. It’s all here and more, presented in an easy-to-use format for brokers, marine surveyors, and boating professionals on the go.

Lowrance Elite 5 CHIRP Combo 83/200 455/800

Lowrance Elite 5 CHIRP Combo 83/200 455/800

by Lowrance Electronics Inc (Other Fishing Accessories)

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Lowrance Mark-5X DSI Mark-5X DSI Fishfinder Mono

Lowrance Mark-5X DSI Mark-5X DSI Fishfinder Mono

by Lowrance (Other Fishing Accessories)

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Outdoors notebook: Hunters urged to take extra care with pheasants 10/18/15, via Tribune-Review

Penguins Concerns. In today's Flip Side, the 's Rob Rossi joins CineSport's Noah Coslov to look back at the Penguins opening night shutout loss and to determine issues moving forward. . It was a fly fishing tournament on Spruce

Herald & Review

Typhoon leaves 2 dead, Filipino villagers rescued from flood 10/19/15, via Herald & Review

This photo provided by the Philippine Air Force, Philippine Air Force rescue team use rubber boats to distribute relief goods in Isabela province, northern Philippines on Sunday Oct. 18, 2015. Slow-moving Typhoon Koppu weakened after blowing ashore

Boston Whaler 285 Conquest Fishing Boat Review / Performance Test

The Boston Whaler 285 Conquest walks that fine line between luxury and utility. It's not an express cruiser, nor is it the ultimate dedicated fishing platform.


The Boat Buyer's Guide to Sportfishing Boats

The Boat Buyer's Guide to Sportfishing Boats

Published by International Marine/Ragged Mountain Press 2006

ISBN 0071473564,9780071473569
384 pages

Get the best boat for your buck Now you can access the same inside information yacht brokers and boat dealers have relied on for nearly twenty years. The Boat Buyer's Guide to Sportfishing Boats lets you compare more than 600 new and used models, making it the most authoritative and useful guide available. With photos, floorplans, performance specifications, production updates, and price comparisions, it puts the world of boats at your fingertips. Nothing else in print or online comes close when you want to find the best boat for your buck. Photos and floorplans of each boat Sizes, weights, and tankage and powering options Standard and optional features, hard-to-find performance data, distinctive characteristics, and production updates and changes Price for each model year since 1980

Knock knock knockin' on Devon's Door

Well, strictly speaking, by the time we got to Brixham we were not only knockin' on Devon's Door, but had our feet on the table and were asking for second helpings of clotted cream. Sunday 10th August True to forecast, our first day in Devon was pretty dull and wet. After a late start (I slept like a top right through until 10AM, but Kim got her usual meagre ration) we had a little wander around the town, which was very busy with tourists - many of whom were busy crabbing off the harbour walls. There was a crab-catching contest going on. An excellent business development wheeze, since not only were shops selling the crab nets, but plastic bags of old fish to go in them. If we'd kept the guts and head from our dinner the night before we could probably have made a killing. It's very clear that Brixham is struggling to re-invent itself after the heyday as a fishing port. There were a couple of sail-powered boats in, offering charter trips, but neither looked to be in very good repair. They must cost an absolute bomb to maintain. The larger one gave some idea of the brute strength of this type of boat. We mooched around a bit looking at the statues of William of Orange who landed here with his foreign army in 1688, to great acclaim. In his book "The English Channel" Nigel Calder makes the point that although Englishmen claim that the last invasion of Britain was William the Conk in 1066 and all that, there have in fact been 3 since. This being one. The other major attraction in the harbour is the Golden Hind replica , recently under new management judging by the extensive promotional material, including one poster that had numerous TripAdviser reviews, including - amusingly - one or two bad... I can't imagine the owners of other premises on the Harbour front were too impressed about this one. We mooched around a bit, and booked up for dinner at the Poopdeck Restaurant since it was recommended by the Marina Officers. I was impressed as usual by the MDL guys. Always helpful and it seems that a regular service they offer is sale of ice, but also happy to let you freeze your own ice packs in their freezer. We saw that at the other MDL marinas we stopped in, too. I have to say that one modification I am seriously considering is adding a cooling circuit to the coolbox. I've been opposed to fridges up to now because the fans and compressors always seem to make a lot of noise for the benefit they bring, and the additional drain on the batteries leads to more worry, but the idea of the keel-based evaporator, and... After the first couple of days we really couldn't keep anything cool other than by dangling in the water, which is OK for a couple of bottles but won't do wonders for your cheese. After each victim got into the bubble, the lifeboatmen inserted a leaf-blower nozzle through the drysuit-style zip and turned it up full blast. The bubble inflated, then they just zipped up the last bit and off the child bobbed. It looked like great fun for about 15 seconds. They were doing a roaring trade, and had 3 lifeboats on show, but the queue was really long in spite of the weather. There was a little jumble-sale of fishing gear outside the lifeboat house, and I picked up a big old Penn multiplier reel for a tenner, which was a pretty good deal, I think. Kim went off for a snooze and I wandered off round the pontoons, casting an eye over a nice-looking HR36. I was accosted from the neighbouring boat, an older HR (35. ) and the owner invited me aboard for a look round. It's a lovely boat down below. The retired couple that owned it had owned 2 boats before, but one had caught fire (neighbouring boat on the hard blew up, narrowly avoiding killing them, but destroying their Nic35 that was nearing the end of an extensive restoration) and the... They had just invested a huge amount in the HR, re-doing a lot of previous re-fitting, including an immaculate engine room. Although the HR has massive deep-water credentials they were concerned about traveling far beyond Torbay "because of our past history". I pointed out that it sounded like the further away they got from the land and other boats the better, but I don't think they were swayed by my irrefutable logic. A lovely couple. I wonder why it is that you often see boats offered for sale that have just.

Source: Drifting Upwind
Tackle Direct
Big Bass Dreams - The Movement DVD


Join in on the Big Bass Dreams project. This movement has been inspired by passion for chasing fish of a lifetime. Big Bass Dreams has captured special moments with a new perspective on fishing. Hopefully you'll find yourself being inspired, entertained, and motivated to chase your own fishing dreams. In this film you'll witness a journey from California through Arizona and into Texas. Join us as "The Movement" gains momentum. - Run Time - 45+ mins including additional bonus footage. Join in on the Big Bass Dreams project. This movement has been inspired by passion for chasing fish of a lifetime. Big Bass Dreams has captured special moments with a new perspective on fishing. Hopefully you'll find yourself being inspired, entertained, and motivated to chase your own fishing dreams. In this film you'll witness a journey from California through Arizona and into Texas. Join us as "The Movement" gains momentum. - Run Time - 45+ mins including additional bonus footage. Check out this review from Fishhound: Movie Review - Big Bass Dreams "The Movement"by Andrew SchadeggBig bass, giant baits and a passion for searching the globe for the fish of a lifetime make Big Bass Dreams "The Movement" a must watch! In the world of fishing, there are multiple tribes. Subcultures, if you will. Tournament guys, kayak fisherman, crappie, inshore saltwater, pond hoppers, fly fisherman, groups of anglers that come together around a common species or method. Among those tribes, the big bass anglers are the Comanches. The apex of power fisherman among freshwater thrill seekers, looking for the biggest rush of landing the granddaddy of all fishing records. If big bass fisherman were a tribe, Oliver Ngy would be their Chief. He is the founder of Big Bass Dreams, a movement of anglers that are out for one purpose and one purpose only…to catch the fish of a lifetime. Big Bass Dreams "The Movement" is a brand new movie that documents Oliver's vision and the story of the big bass hunters that are part of it. Let's face it, when it comes to fishing videos we're all guilty of searching the internet for streaming clips of guys catching big fish. "Fish Porn" is a real thing and it's magnificent. Anglers armed with the latest swimbaits and glide baits, big topwater and giant jigs, pulling 10, 12 and even "teener" sized bass from the best fisheries in the country. It's every anglers' dream. The Big Bass Dream. This video is 45 minutes of footage showing these dreams coming true."The Movement" has all the components of a movie you'll watch over and over again. It's well edited, with clips of giant bass being pinned with long sweeping hooksets, angry fights and rod-straining boat flips all set to an upbeat, hip-hop soundtrack. Mixed in between all the obscenely obese bass, are excerpts of interviews with Oliver about how he got started from a kid growing up in Los Angeles fishing with a stick, to traveling the world fishing with the best equipment and pursuing the biggest fish he can find. An unlikely ambassador of this specialized, exciting segment of the sport of bass fishing. Even top Bassmaster tournament pro, Brandon Palaniuk, is featured in the movie. What is so much fun to watch, is a guy like Palaniuk, who has won on the highest level of fishing and at the top of his game, gets SO PUMPED when he catches his personal best on camera! The excitement is palpable and inspiring. If you don't want to go track down a swimbait rod and an 8-inch Huddleston after this movie, you probably should just list your fishing gear on Craigslist and move on to golf. That's just the precursor to the best footage in the movie. Back in 2013, Oliver caught the fish of a lifetime. A 17.4 largemouth out of a reservoir in Northern California. It was all over the message boards, social media sites and fishing websites at the time it was caught, but "The Movement" features the entire catch. The backstory, the cast, the hookup, the landing, the weighing and the release. It's pretty incredible. Multiple camera angles of the biggest bass I've ever seen caught on video. Amongst all the big fish insanity, is a message about encouraging others to pursue their own "Big Bass Dream." Helping others is a passion project for Oliver. He talks about the struggles of getting jaded, after having spent so much time and energy chasing big fish and catching hundreds of them (not like any of us feel bad for him). He renews his own energy by helping others land that personal best. In "The Movement" there are some very cool segments featuring young people getting that fish of a lifetime, that will help renew your own passion for the sport of fishing. The fishing footage comes to around 35 minutes, which features a solid amount of giant bass being caught. The only negative is that it isn't longer. Another 15 minutes would have been just about right. The last 10 minutes feature a conversation while driving between Oliver and his.


Sport Fishing Boat Reviews

Chesapeake Bay Magazine is a monthly publication focusing on boating, leisure, and lifestyle on the Chesapeake Bay and surrounding areas. Articles include such topics as Cruise of the Month and boating destinations. Fishing, water sports, and sailing are also highlighted. Spotlights and boat reviews feature various types of boats such as sport yacht cruisers, center consoles, and classics & customs. Showcase sections provide information on marinas, restaurants, and marine services & products.
Chesapeake Bay Magazine debuted in May 1971 as Chesapeake Bay and Bay Country magazine. Based in Reedville, Maryland, and created by Dick and Dixie Goertemiller, the magazine was 32 pages of articles on sailing, Bay history, ecology, and artisans. It was bought by current publisher Dick Royer in 1974. Since that time, the magazine has grown to its current 75-100 page format.
Chesapeake Bay Magazine is currently based in Annapolis, Maryland.
CBM produces an annual Guide to Cruising the Chesapeake, and the Intracoastal Waterway Facilities Guide.
CBM is a member of the International Regional Magazine Association.
Chesapeake Bay Magazine has earned top honors at the Boating Writers International

Source: Freebase, licensed under CC-BY.

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The monster lives! - 10/18/15, via Grand Rapids Herald-Review

Been fishing the lake all my life -- seen a few 30 pounders... but this thing was as long as an oar. I backed the boat over it to give my party a ... our monster could ever be gotten by harpooning, a sport I don’t approve of (I can’t figure out how ...

Nushagak AC to discuss Bristol Bay fisheries issues - 10/16/15, via

The Nushagak Advisory Committee meets Oct. 20-21 in Dillingham to review the 70 proposals submitted to ... and others could affect sport or subsistence fishing in the region. University of Alaska Fairbanks Marine Advisory Program Agent Gabe Dunham said ...

Oak Hill mayor: County should end fish net ban - 10/14/15, via Daytona Beach News-Journal

The measure comes at the request of Oak Hill Mayor Douglas Gibson, who would like to improve the economy for his coastal fishing community ... are forced to truck their boats to Brevard and Flagler.” After a review by county legal staff, the item ...


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Trolling Sunset
Trolling Sunset
Follow me on Twitter | Like on Facebook | Circle me on G+ We fished right until the sun set past the mountains before pulling in the rods and heading back to Vancouver. Lens: Nikon 18-200mm lens Photo Processing Software used: Adobe Lightroom; Feel free to download the full size version of Trolling Sunset from my blog for personal use. For commercial use, please contact me for pricing.
Photo by `James Wheeler on Flickr
Explore has gone mad!!!!
Explore has gone mad!!!!
1. Murdoch, 2. Am I bovered!!!!!!!, 3. Lake view over Derwant water, 4. Woodland light, 5. Scottish castle for Rita, 6. flowers in the rain, 7. I don't think you have washed this bit, 8. Is there such a thing as a Scottish sunset in a Cumbrian sky?, 9. Merry Christmas to you all, 10. Fun guy of the wood, 11. And walking, 12. The lines of planting, 13. Now this is what REALLY happened!!!! A CATastrophe!!!, 14. have a happy furry friday, with alittle lick here and there!!!!, 15. Sitting pretty, 16. I have my eyes on you!!!!!!!, 17. December in the Lake District, 18. my photographic assistant strikes again!!!!, 19. Playing with the sport mode!!, 20. Another cat in a basket, 21. A view over Derwent water, 22. Yorkshire view, 23. Murdoch, 24. Castlerigg stone circle 2, 25. The stone Chariot,Hampi, Karnataka, India,, 26. Small bay at Deia, 27. In loving memory, 28. All things bright and beautiful, 29. Castlerigg stone circle 4, 30. Foot prints along the sand, 31. barley field, 32....
Photo by eleda 1 on Flickr
Waste Water (Sewage) Treatment Facility
Waste Water (Sewage) Treatment Facility
The roof of the facility is 69 feet above the Hudson River and also above viewing level from the West Side Highway even when riding in a bus! The North River Wastewater (sewage) Treatment Plant is the base for 28 acres of the Riverbank State Park (NYC info on historical sign), which is on its roof. According to Wikipedia the facility "processes 125 million gallons of wastewater every day during dry weather, and it is designed to handle up to 340 million gallons a day when the weather is wet." Architects for the project were Abel Bainnson Butz LLC (of interest is the aerial view and a drawing of the plant under the park) The construction went as deep as 230 feet below river level. Good views of the waste water treatment plant and the park by the Bridge and Tunnel Club. Evaluation of a park over a sewage plant NY1 Report: "Popular Harlem Park Located On Precarious Ground" Environmental Justice Case Study WE ACT for Harlem The State Park Movement in America:...
Photo by Marjorie Lipan on Flickr
... Center Console Boat Review | Sport Fishing | Boats and Yacht Catalog
... Center Console Boat Review | Sport Fishing | Boats and Yacht Catalog
Pro Line 25 Sport | Sport Fishing
Pro Line 25 Sport | Sport Fishing

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