The See from Tokyo Tower Special Observatory (250 m)

The View from Tokyo Tower Special Observatory (250 m)

I essential to go downtown to do some paper operate for my mother. On the way again home, my daughter and I stopped at Tokyo Tower again. We could appreciate the look at from the tower again.

My childhood close friend talked to a area politician about my daughter’s bullying situation. The politician talked her fellow politician who works in my district. Her fellow politician referred to as up the board of instruction of my daughter’s university district and talked them about my daughter’s situation. The board of instruction at last recognized that the situation is really serious and did some speedy motion to the university as soon soon after the contact. I hope this will enable resolve the university violence and bullying. Also I obtained some other mobile phone phone calls and e-mail that help my daughter. ­čÖé
Thank you for your help and friendship. Lika

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